Installation of VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings or decorative wall panels is a straightforward procedure.

Wall, ceiling, roof, and electrical wiring system construction have to be completed before installation. Furniture does not need to be removed and post-installation cleaning is not required, as adhesive materials, cement, or paint are not used to install VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings.


Electrical wiring has to be installed prior to VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling installation.

Other than that, no preparation is required. It is possible that some pieces of furniture might have to be moved slightly to gain an easier access to ceilings but no pieces of furniture have to be removed completely, since access is only required around the perimeter of the room.

We recommend that specific sentimental or hard-to-replace items are removed as a precautionary measure.

Track installation

For perfect VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling flatness horizontal lines are made using self-leveling lasers and then profiles are attached either to the wall or ceiling around the perimeter.

The tracks are cut at exact dimensions and then are screwed or stapled to walls or ceilings. If profiles are attached to ceilings, a frame or a rigid structure has to be available to fasten the parts.

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Fixture installation

All lamps and smoke detectors are marked and appropriate VELUM DESIGN platforms are installed. Other type of fixtures should be applied before the final installation of the VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling membrane.

Once this phase is completed, thorough security and conformity checks are performed.

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VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling installation

VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling membrane has to be unpacked carefully. Lacquered VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings are protected with polyethylene wrapping foam from dust and accidental damage.

We recommend all cold air sources of the room are limited during installation process. VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling membrane is heated up to 40 °C (105 °F) using a special device and then clamped at strategic spots on a profile using special clamps. VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling membrane usually extends by 5 %, ensuring that VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings will not sag.

Afterwards, a harpoon is safely fastened and then the VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling membrane simply has to gradually cool down. The room should remain closed until VELUM DESIGN stretch ceiling membrane cools up to a room temperature.

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Lighting installation

Openings for lamp, smoke detector and other object installation are cut out of the VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings and then reinforcing rings are inserted.

stretched ceilings