VELUM DESIGN parts and materials come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranty covers the following unlikely occurrences:

•  Dislocation of profiles;                                                      •  Sagging of membranes;

•  Distortion of printed images;                                           •  Discoloration of images or films;

•  Detachment of harpoon anchor;                                     •  Any other cause of membrane tension loss.

Our warranty limitations are similar to usual warranty terms provided by construction contractors. VELUM DESIGN does not cover:

•  Natural disasters;                                                                •  Mechanical damage;

•  Cold below -5 °C;                                                                 •  Heat above 60 °C;

•  Damage caused by aggressive corrosive chemicals;     •  Damage from external sources, including sagging or
___________________________________________________________movement of structural elements of the building.

VELUM DESIGN values long-lasting relations with our customers. Our installers are always available to help install new lighting fixtures or add enhancements to existing VELUM DESIGN wall or ceiling products. These procedures are straightforward and affordable. Please contact us if you plan any modifications to your VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings.

If adjustments are not done by an approved VELUM DESIGN professional, the 10-year warranty may be voided.