Our Customers and Partners Say it Best

I just had Velum design come out and install their stretch ceilings on my vacation rental property @eastsisterrockisland & it came out absolutely amazing, Surpassed my expectations by a long shot! High quality, stylish & customizable to your liking! Love it, Highly recommended!

Wesley W.


I love the black ceilings that where installed at my office they look amazing ,clean , and different! I would highly recommend stretch ceiling factory to all my friends . Great service !! A+

Brian M.


Had my office ceilings redone and wow what a difference! It’s like walking into a brand new space! Fairly priced and professionally installed I could not have asked for better. Highly recommend without reservation.

Anthony B.


The company took me to see a apartment they did in the Riverhouse in Fort Lauderdale and I fell in love. Rustam was a perfect salesman who described the efforts and the looks I wanted in my condo. I could not be happier with how my place came out…! The value already increased as my neighbors want to switch places after they saw it. Thanks Guys!!! I highly recommend.

Michael T.


No product and service has ever exceeded our expectations more. Highly professional installation. Left the place immaculate. I’ve posted the photos on my instagram and facebook and have gotten so many comments asking about it. Never been happier ! Thanks again,

Thomas B.


As a business owner who understands the value of presentation and first impressions, I was blessed (and cursed) with a beautiful office space in a prestigious, upscale area of Boca Raton, FL. Blessed with a great deal and a perfect layout for my agency; however, the CURSE was in the antiquated ceilings and exposed piping. The professional staff at Velium/Stretch Ceiling Factory came on-site and gave us SEVERAL options…without hesitation, if one sample didn’t work, on to the next. As a business owner, I was blown away that a company was so willing to put in that much work based SOLELY on my handshake and promise to do business with them. After two weeks (and several samples later), I didn’t just “settle” but was beyond pleased with the mirrored black stretch ceiling tiles. Not only do they accent my office, but the mirror allows me to see all of my employees throughout the day, 360 degrees. Installation was done to accommodate my schedule as to not interfere with staff and the job was done SEAMLESSLY with zero mess and the highest level of professionalism. Now, my space REALLY looks like the $200MIL a year business it is and I can’t thank you guys enough!

Get Me Healthcare owner


What an absolutely amazing product, it really opens up the room space and allows for a magnificent added feature. I have already recommended this to my family members and friends. Very satisfied with the way it came out and hope to add it to all rooms of my house and office.

Edward K.


I had a pop corn ceiling and was terrified of the idea of having mess and having to move and pack everything just for contractors to be able to resurface the ceiling. With stretched ceiling there is no mess. I did not have to move anything or to cover anything. The team came in the morning and was done in the afternoon with no dust and no mess and the high end result that looks amazing. The installation was professionally done , the team was on time and courteous and estimate was accurate. I highly recommend them.



The stretch ceiling was a new concept for me! But I’m so happy I found this company. The ceiling looks beautiful. Much nicer than a regular drywall ceiling. And customer service excellent from beginning to end! I will definitely be recommending Velum Design to everyone I know!