VELUM GRAPHIC CEILINGS are the perfect addition to environments that require instant recognition. This complete customizable style is created to make your visions come to life.


VELUM CEILINGS are certified in fire retardancy, low water vapor permeability, and QM systems. Our ceiling solutions are ideal for hygienic spaces. The materials are hypoallergenic and orderless, creating a viable option for medical facilities.


VELUM DESIGN Stretch Ceilings are hydrophobic and mildew resistant. Our materials can withstand up 85 gallons of water per square foot. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, further damage to the area to the area will likely be avoided.


Our ceilings are manufactured for durability that will preserve the lifespan of the product. The VELUM material retains its condition due to an antistatic coating that is applied. If necessary, the ceilings are designed for effortless cleaning.